Insomnia is swallowing me!!

You wake up. you were already awake. Randomn thoughts. Killing thoughts. De-energizing thoughts. You try to fight it the way they told it. But more the fight, the more you are punched back. Pills don’t work. Books don’t work. Even the Movies don’t work. Finding a tunnel to pass through to deep sleep. But, every tunnel looks unending!!

So, writing on to make my misery less significant. Writing to dump out a little too much of the poison inside.

Feeling now a little relaxed. No goal in mind. Let me not sleep; just keep rolling and let the night’s silence pick me up at its own will. I wish all the insomniacs a great rest in every moment. So many sufferers :(.You suffer perhaps to know others better and become more compassionate. That could be a good reason to tag.

Alright, I can’t sleep but let me take leave. Wish you a harmonious functioning in this crooked world of apparent reality. wallhaven-171827.


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