February 20, 2017

Hello! I had such a good sleep. The feeling is so sweet and delightful. I am not anxious neither depressed  right now. That for me is like gold and diamond.

Yesterday it was somewhat a busy day! I went through big data modeling, did few slides on Business using Cloud and read a little about RB. I loved the way how I just copy pasted most stuff in my slides adding little or no original content. The whole day I had that cloudy head where I am like half dreaming. I could not do meditation well. As I was having some nasty withdrawal symptoms like excess fear I got back on klonopin(nexito forte) @ 0.3 mg. I think I will need some more weeks to jump off the poison.

It brings fear and anxiety when you just keep thinking about your interaction with project manager of a large company like RB. So that interaction is due today. I am nervous but deep down I know it’s just an interaction. Yesterday, the little chats with Bharath, Kriti and Teja were laugh inducing and gave that social contentment. Murali Bro thanks for your laptop, you just saved my life! I spent much time on youtube watching the little entertaining bits.

I am looking forward to today which is relatively a busy day. Tq. Bye!:)


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