My Interview on Friday RB (Feb 21)

I am going to have my big interview on friday for RB(Reckitt Benckiser). It can’t get any big. I gotta get to be my best self there. I am gonna prepare hell lot of a brilliantly. I need to. I must. ComeOn roger!! I am gonna not let this go away. I have to prepare all well and beyond my imagination to get myself through and I am ready for it.

It’s going to be a bloody battle with the mind. The negativity and the lost battles will kept telling me I am just no good. I gotta fight through. I am not gonna be stopped  by the voices for I am gonna get invincible. After all the misery of the Benzo withdrawal, depression and the rejections, this is the fitting end. I have to pull through this one. I am fired up and I have to maintain it as long as I can. Remember I made it EY, I made it to TCS, I made it to IIT and I am just the same person. The burning fire is all that is needed. I am gonna burn myself through this time.

Mother, Brother bless me for I am a warrior this time. My battle’s the interview. I am suppose to prepare hard yet keep my calm head and my belief that I am the best person for this job. I am coming RB. Get ready. I don’t wanna focus on yesterday though I wanna add I enjoyed American Honey and it was again that funny comfortable presentation in Busines using Cloud. I told Teja about this page. Anyways, I am look on to friday. I am set to shoot up as a canon ball. Bless me luck all my folks!


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