February 22, 2017

The day starts. I have got a sharp ache in my head. I slept at around 6 am. My sleep time has reduced these days. I woke up yesterday in high spirits. After the chat with Chhavi, I started to self-doubt. Well, I need not listen to her. I have read about the company, its competitors and distribution management systems. I don’t know which subjects I need to read. I ate delicious Lala Maggi for Lunch and Dominos for dinner yeaterday.

Varman’s class just sucked and that Cloud OMG, it was hell. I am thankful I have no class today. I enjoyed watching Sacha Baron Cohen’s Ali G show. Lol. He says why don’t we go to Sun in winter to Buzz light year. He just makes a dumb of himself before everyone hahah. What a great comedian! I’ve started liking this song by E40- “Choices”. I did my talk with Tejas Patel and he seemed to connect well. He said health is everything. I don’t know what he was hinting at but I could feel he said it positively.

Yeah, I am looking forwarding to a great day. Byee!


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