February 25, 2017

I woke up at around 3 pm yesterday. I am unable to get out of my bad sleeping habits. L’enfant wasn’t so great to watch. I am having real bad sinus attack. Sinus so easily triggers depression in me.

Yesterday was a boring and dark day. I studied a little about FMCG in India. I felt so depressed, I didn’t feel like doing anything. I am fascinated about this movie called ‘Satya’ by Ram Gopal Verma. The guy has the dareness to show the underworld of India. I loved a session of Chakra healing late at night. I did feel a lot better after that. But, my sleep has been worse.

U G Krishnamurti is a tour de force. It was fascinating how he made Byron look like another Guru placing only a path to the pathless. He questioned the very absurdity of a question. He emphasizes that all questions are born out of answers we already have. It is just a confirmation we seek. Although he does say some questions such as ‘Where is this town?’ are an essential and needed in order to live sanely and intelligently in this world. Byron is herself a self realised person and it did show.

I am really worried about HR part of the interview. Of course also the technical. I am slowly loosing that confidence I held few days back. I talked to mom who is in Varanasi now. My brother got caught by police for licence check. Thankfully, he escaped easily. On the other hand, what a shame, India lost by 333 runs to Australia, in a match which has been overly one-sided. Hope team India can bounce back and fight hard.

Brian Cox seems to be an interesting physicist. It was great the way he made a dumb ass of Deepak Chopra on twitter. I just dislike this Chopra. An insult to nation. Ok now, Byeee!:)


One thought on “February 25, 2017

  1. I wasn’t “caught” by police. It was a regular drunk driving and paperwork check by the traffic police which holds strong guard on friday nights. Thankfully these days, traffic police accept softcopies of all documents. Remember, earlier this day I asked you to send me soft copies of vehicle registration. I only needed insurance soft copy too to convince them. 🙂

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