February 26, 2017 – Gliding in happiness!

Yesterday it started as a gloomy day. I wanted not to study but then I had to. It’s a delight watching Tarkovsky’s movies. Stalker is one more genius work. I should mention the crippling shyness I encountered when I was studying with Meenal. I was like a touch-me-not leaf. I felt so good after one of Michael Sealey’s hypnosis. I time traveled to my childhood. My dearest and happiest days have been when I was a little child. I was not scared of time and joy overflowed in every situation. Playing, running, Self-imaginary worlds, it was a paradise. Life only gets rough with age.

Ok Mr Naveen you were so drunk yesterday! I loved talking to you. I know you are some one who is there for me. I totally agree Roman Polanski is a genius and I need to watch his ‘Chinatown’. The amazing new touch I have given my site is heart lifting. I love my pages!!I just need to learn to make menus properly. By the way, we would have call today with Tejas. I am looking forward.

Sadhguru is a piece of self-proclaimed shit. He doesn’t know anything about depression and just blames it on individual. I wish you were depressed once Mr Sadhguru. I am in love with Richard Linklater, How beautiful is ‘Before Sunrise’!! I will see the trilogy once more. Lastly, god damn Nitin you just woke me from a wonderful dream. I wish I could break your alarm into hundred pieces and throw them in Ganges. Bye folks!


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