February 27, 2017 – A calm boy

One more day starts. I feel a little calmer today. They say you have 86400 rupees a day that you can spend wisely. I say I give it off to charity and shall live a hermit. Pain scrawls through your body, numbness dips you in a dark abyss. Then you know you are on the roller coaster called depression which only spirals you downwards. This is what I encounter so often that normal life is the new extraordinary!!

When I don’t sleep well, my head is in a pool of mud slush. Thoughts are like put into auto negative mode. Head ‘aches’ and my medicines make sure I don’t sleep. A perfect combo to feel half dead! Thank you for the likes brother. I want to make a great website out of this small blog. I love cosmology, space, maths, meditation and I want to put it all in. I could have NewGen interview on Friday for which I need to get to Delhi. Tejas Patel, why can’t you get the process done a bit quickly? He is testing the patience. PAN service in India sucks! They ask you for application, tell you there is a mistake after a month and ask for a re-proof the next month. No wonder government job is the most preferred!

Yesterday, I was watching a video of ‘Andrew Wiles’. The guy was interested in Fermat’s last conjecture when he was around 10. He made it a dream to solve the problem. It took him 7 years of solitude work where he had to combine insights from two different fields of mathematics to arrive at the solution. If that is not called ‘Genius’ work, I don’t know what is called. A deserving Fields and Abel laureate!! He inspires me a lot. By the way my memory is so wrecked, I find it hard to remember what happened yesterday. Ok, I did spend fair amount of time preparing for the interview. Tejas gave us some pointers and rest I don’t remember properly.

Naveen, thanks for suggestion. Yes I need to see Moonlight and Chinatown. Ok. Byee!!:)


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