Feb 28, 2017 – Bye February!:)

Hi, everyone! I have woken up so late. I have work to do. Studying Big data 30 page case study and then preparing for rb interview. Now that’s some work. While I was making fun of Nitin, he must have got a little upset and then he started ranting and concluding I am a selfish person. Later, I got a chocopie and shared it with Manpreet and when Nitin asked for it, I said I am ofcourse a selfish guy!;) Nitin burst into a laughter. That’s called a “ComeBack”. By the way, he wasn’t so serious about his remarks.

The interview will be on Thursday. I am not yet sure about Newgen. I saw Chinatown but I did understand the movie properly. May be I need to watch it a multiple times. Jack Nicholson was outstanding. I feel bored and sad. I don’t feel like doing anything. Roger Federer is again looking at his ominous best. It was delight to watch him win the round 1, Dubai open. I don’t wanna write more. I end it here.


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