March 2, 2017 – The interview day!

I am here right after the interview. Boy, wasn’t it an adventure? The whole night was a nightmare. I could not sleep till 2 and then I woke up at 7 and struggled to get back to sleep. I was so sleepy and am still. Exactly the opposites of what I desired to happen. I felt I was finally having a good night sleep at 8:30 pm but then got disturbed and woke up after an hour. Then the hell started, the more I tried the more I was unable to sleep. I took the pills one after the other, very well knowing how drowsy I could get in the morning. I must have listened to Michael Sealey’s sleep music for 4-5 hours. Nothing helped. I drank milk. I changed bed position, did few things google suggested for insomnia which I don’t want to write here. I somehow fell asleep after the quetapine dose of 12.5 mg. Besides Quetiapine, I took extra nexito forte, and Amitriptyline. When I woke up at 7, my head was filled with toxic cloud. I could barely think and was losing all my belief of giving a good interview. I listened again to Michael and slept and woke up at 9. I was in a bad shape. Sleepy, tired, confused, disspirited. I gave self talk where I pushed myself for one more time to go just do it and that I told myself I have the potential to crack anything. Michael gave me confidence through the audio. Thanks so much. I went there and I was the first to be interviewed.

Sreeji Gopinathan (Regional IS Director): Good morning!

Me: What? I didn’t get you.

Sreeji Gopinathan: I said good morning.

Me: Good morning Sir.

Sreeji Gopinathan: How are you?

Me: I am okay except that I did not sleep well(:P)

Sreeji Gopinathan: What happened?

Me: I had a nightmare and then I could not sleep.

Sreeji Gopinathan: I am regional director blah blah blah. So tell me about yourself?

Me: I am K Prakash Raju. I am from Hyderabad. I did most of my education in……

Sreeji Gopinathan: What core subjects you have in our curriculum?

Me: General Business related…..I have Marketing, Marketing Research, Operations managemnt, core Fianance, core HR etc

Sreeji Gopinathan: Which is your favourite subject?

Me: I like Analytics and it is the subject I have taken up for my capstone project. Other than Analytics, I like Supply chain and Marketing research.

Sreeji Gopinathan: So what did you do in Watson Analytics?

Me: I used it gather information from twitter and facebook . We clubbed the data with news info which we got from our faculty. We were able to predict which party would win.

Sreeji Gopinathan: What did you do? YOou are telling me what Watson did?

Me:( I got scared)  Again I repeated the same stuff and I started feeling my interview is going down. I quickly admitted there is not much we do on Watson but the major part of the project was learning the tool. There was thinking involved in choosing the tags.

Sreeji Gopinathan: What all did you learn in Watson Analytics?

Me: The type of file we need to insert. How to capture data from twitter for example. It can do various kinds of analysis like bar chart pie chart etc. It can give country wise sales etc. We can also do predictive analytics where we can take a variable and find the most important factors effecting the variable. We can group data and analyse. we can share the information easily. Also, it has Natural Language Query system. I explained how you could ask  a question and fetch results.

Sreeji Gopinathan: Did you say NLP?

ME: what?

Sreeji Gopinathan: Natural Language Programming

Me: Yes Sir.

Sreeji Gopinathan: So what did you do for your summer internship. It’s written here you worked in Ranga Reddy district.

Me: (I explained him in parts.) First, we analyzed the company and later the questionnaire was built to fetch data from retail stores. We identified the retails that could be potential sources for expansion. (I was being cross questioned and I was only getting confused because I am not sure what I did:P. I felt he was taking a plunge on me and felt my project was a useless one. So I admitted I was sick because of which I had to do this little project which is not very clever.)

Sreeji Gopinathan: (He seemed to have accepted I think)  What do you know about rb?

Me: RB is one of the admired fmcg companies. It has revenues of 10 B euros. It is distinct because it follows better business where it tries to bring sustainability in society, Environment and finance. The products of RB can be clustered as Health home hygiene. It has 19 power brands which fetch most of the income. It operated in three divided geographies. RB is growing in India and wants to make it its 3rd largest market.

Sreeji Gopinathan: It’s second largest. We already are third largest.

Me: Oh. I may have read old…

Sreeji Gopinathan: Which is the best product in India?

Me: Dettol I think….

Sreeji Gopinathan: What are some of the brands of RB?

Me: I said some brands like dettol, lysol, harpic, durex, Air wick and was trying to remember. I said about Mead Johnsons products and about Move after para aquisition.

Sreeji Gopinathan: Ok.

Sreeji Gopinathan: That’s it from my end. Have you got any questions?

Me: Yes I want to ask how RB is looking to expand in India given the context of Swachch Bharath Abhiyan , tough competition between P&G and HUL, and Patanjali?

Sreeji Gopinathan: Do you know the growth rate of our revenue?

Me: 3%

Sreeji Gopinathan: Not Global. I am asking about India?

Me: I don’t know.

Sreeji Gopinathan: It is 14%. We are the top growing fmcg now. (He started saying then about the strategy and how RB was going to increase the pentration. I kept noting done)

Me: Ok. Thank you

Sreeji Gopinathan: Our HR will get back to you.

I think interview went well. Now I can’t judge it properly. Meenal too had a good interview. Simple questions were asked. So I don’t know about results and I don’t care. Personally, I great inspired performance given I was in so much messy shit. I would rate it as a 4/5 performance. Marvellous!! Keep rocking young parke. Bye!:) I have NewGen coming up by the way and I am confused whether to go or not. I must make a decision. Thank you Prof Subash Misra you were sweet when I asked for leave.



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