March 9, 2017 -Sinus Attack!

I woke up having a bad sinus congestion. It felt better after taking anti-histamine and antibiotic. Yesterday was very ugly as I was sleep deprived. I watched ‘Martyrs’ again. Oh my god! It’s so horrific! I am sure sensitive people can’t watch the whole movie. I got the photo ID and I have sent it to PAN card office.

It was my mother’s birthday! Thank you mom for this life. It’s been so great and I wish you live happily forever!! I need to call back.

On the women’s day, Ram Gopal Varma came out with guns blazing. His first tweet”I wish all the women in the world give men as much happiness as Sunny Leone gives”. This was it and the public went berserk. He followed up the tweet with counter attacks and his twitter page turned into a war ground. The guy is amazing! He could say the nastiest thing in the world and could easily get away with it. He is too intelligent, daring and someone who doesn’t give a shit about society. Often, people misunderstand his tweets. Sometimes his tweets are just meaningless but people make some meaning out of it. I admire him for he has the guts to challenge the foolish beliefs and presumptions of society. Respect Sir!!

I also got to see this interesting video of U G Krishnamurti. As always UG just debunks all belief systems and rejects all methodologies of spirituality.


Also, I watched one of the last interviews of Kurt Cobain where he mentions ‘Perfume’ as his favorite books. I could so easily see from his face, he was in so much pain. That’s all!Byee!


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