March 10, 2017 – Fiverr Fever!

I have slept so long that most of my wounds are healed. Me, Laptop and the dying room. This is my world. I was so obsessed yesterday to play on Bet365. Good that all routes are banned in India. But I wouldn’t settle. I put 500 in PokerBaazi and as reminiscent of good old days, It didn’t took even an hour to lose it all. I then felt ashamed. Mind is a bastard. It gives no hope in reality but when I am playing a gamble it tells me I am going to be a millionaire. It doesn’t take much time for reality to set in. I lose but the hard fact is it’s my brother’s money. I should at least ascent to that fact.

I have to leave tomorrow to home. UP elections would be out and I don’t know if I would get an auto to the railways. Memories of interview failures haunt me and the future too looks gloomy. I am just sailing by the winds. Fiverr looked a good place to earn some and so I’ve made a gig there. I am excited about the Bitcoins! I have no idea how they work or who regulates it. But they are saying Bitcoin is going to be a great investment.

Socio Politics class is so tiring!  I only go cause he takes attendance. Tejas told Meenal I gotta be patient about job. Gosh, I only messaged him once.I am deeply pleased to find that Psilocybin is proving to be a potent anti-depressant. I got pleasantly surprised to know many even got cured by this. Some called it life transforming, Some said they came to know who they were and some just called it the greatest drug on Earth. Psilocybin is present in the so called “magic mushroom”. I went the farthest to know if I could get my hands on one. Sadly, no one ships to India. However, One can get through some middle men in Kodaikanal. I wish I get tripped one day on these mushrooms. Bye for now!


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