March 11, 2017 – Off to Hyderabad!

Well, I will be leaving in half an hour to the station. I am excited I am going back to the beautiful city of ‘Hyderabad’. I wish the train doesn’t delay much.

Ali G made made me laugh and laugh yesterday. I don’t like Kristen Stewart but for once she really looked great on Stephen Colbert show. She was calm, shy and didn’t take Trump criticism seriously.

Everyone in the class left to Northern East trip. I don’t want to any way. I am so disappointed in Naveen. He never picks up call and when he did all he said “please get a job soon”. Am I not rational enough to know that? If I am not considering job would it not mean I have some reasons? Anyways, I have to bear all this. Isha sends me message and I am so excited but then I read “Could you just hand over my gift to Naveen, I don’t know his address?”. I am made a postman now. What the heck? I was never remembered by her before!!

I have to leave. I can’t write anymore. Bye!!


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