March 14,2017 – Drunk to the core!

I don’t want to write this but then I am going to. I was drinking from 2 pm till 11:00 pm at Naveen’s place. Oh god! It felt so bad. At first I was the most quite among the four. Soon after 2 pegs it was me who was the center of attention. What the heck were we talking about? Bhagat Singh, Movies, Mushrooms, Goa, and so much shit. We were making the most lunatic conversations backed with most irrational reasoning.

I felt so awkward when they were talking about my wrist cuts. I just can’t believe Naveen just said it to them. I took the opportunity to leak all precious secrets of Naveen. I was drinking peg after peg. Soon, I became 100X my ego. I was talking of how I don’t give a shit to anyone, I could beat him, I could do this and I have done that. I feel ashamed now!! I was drinking and drinking and drinking. World was more like a dream by now. I met my cousin bharath on the road. From which cloud did he fall on that place? Everything was strange and just when I was feeling I was all nuts I vomited.

Soon, though we were wearing out, we kept pushing ourselves. At least I stopped drinking, they were drinking and making nuisance out of each possible opportunity they got. One of them was ranting why we didn’t pick up a fight with this prick who said some shit. Me in my all stupidity was fueling things up saying it’s shame we didn’t pick up a fight. I am sure if the fight were to happen, I would be the most willing to run away.

If all this was not enough, Kartik called Isha and said this is Naveen’s friend speaking. There is some history behind but I don’t have time to tell. Suffice to say this pissed off Naveen and a brawl started. I called Isha and tried to ease things. We were well exhausted. A man could only take that much shit in a day. Still, Kartik was just barking and barking. We were losing all our patience. To end this ugly write up, I reached home, ate bread sandwich and went to bed. All the events replaying in my mind and I couldn’t go to sleep.

I still feel so bad about it. I don’t want to drink anytime soon.


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