March 15, 2017 – Feeling good!

I am doing good. Yesterday, I went to house top and climbed the water tank. Gentle breeze and mild-cold weather made up a beautiful environment. I meditated for about 30 minutes on the tank top. The experience has been elevating. I could more easily shift to calmness and could remain more balanced during the entire meditation. Environment has such a crucial role to play in meditation. I was not giving into the thoughts. Huge weight of suffering and pain lifted off my shoulders. It was a transcending experience.

The person who went to sit for meditation and the person who came out of meditation were completely different. Calmness, joy, compassion, self-love, intelligence filled my being. Guilt, frustration, disappointment, hatred, agitation, jealousy etc vaporized as I clearly watching the thought patterns and the emerging feelings. I realized how important health is. Without health no door is open for you, with health there are a million alternative doors available. I need to take care of this body and mind. If I could sustain good health, career success and fruitful relations, I believe are not that difficult.

I am amazed and it continues to blow my mind how simple self-introspection can dissolve the greatest pains of life. You don’t even need another person. You can be your own friend, your own doctor(not in the strict sense).

I want to write a little on some of the events of yesterday. Isha called and told about the gift. Some of my school friends met but I could not go and that’s ok. I slept well. It was so joyful. Not anything more to write. Bye!:)


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