March 24, 2017 – My first experience with Psychedelics

Hi, all. Long time since I last wrote. I started yesterday with feelings of insecurity and grief. Someone stole my wallet and mobile. I take things for granted. Now I realize how dear my wallet was and how inseparable my phone was. I had not slept well but I decided to go ahead with my first psychedelic experience.

It was in the bathroom. I took around 300 seeds of Heavenly Blue Morning Glory and washed them in detergent. Then I just took the seeds and chewed them well. I also ate chocolate to subdue any odd taste of the seeds. I ate it all and took my bath. Nothing much happened in the first half hour. Slowly the thought patterns kept changing. I was more clear and deep in my thinking after around an hour. It was as though I was opening the gates to freshness and reality. We take up so many clusters of thought patterns as beliefs without ever questioning them. Many such beliefs limit our experiential reality. It gives a burst of joy when psychedelic experience helps you see the illusion of such beliefs and gives way to freedom and vitality.

How deep the experience was? I only felt mildly hallucinated and europhic. Still, the experience gave an insight of how powerful these drugs can be. Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds contain LSA which is closely related to LSD in psychedelic properties. There is a social stigma attached to psychedelics. People think one would go crazy if he took it or overdosed on it. Many people even believe alcohol or psychiatric medicines are way more safer than these so called “drugs”. Psychedelics are not a recent phenomena and a lot of research suggests psychedelics can transform human life for good, when used in controlled settings. One could read wikipedia page on psychedelics like LSD, Psilocybin etc to get a better idea.

Personally, I am fascinated by these substances. They have a new dimension in my spiritual quest. I look forward to having much deeper and profound psychedelic experiences. That’s all from me.  Byee!



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