April 18, 2017

Well I am closing to the end of my sem. I have just 4 more classes left. I may attend only 3 though. I have discovered this nootropic called “Modafinil”. I did not sleep the whole night and when I took it now I am beaming with energy. It’s the drug which inspired the movie ‘Limitless’. I kind of feel like Bradley Cooper.

The drug is highly safe. I am thrilled by its potential. It acts as a reverse benzo. I was prescribed this before but I did not discover its potential then. I took it only for few days. I took it this day and went to play poker and won 100 within minutes. (lol) I rever this drug highly now. Of  course no drive to use it daily or even frequently. On the other hand it’s day 2 since my last benzo dose and I already seem to be going ok. May be it’s too early but I really feel I am not going through any crap like I went through before. I am adoring the challenge of going through a withdrawal.

So I have a class today after which I need to look a little into my capstone. The biggest worry now in class is capstone. I need to take my bus tickets too. So yeah I have few things to sort out before the semester end. Gotta leave, Bye!


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