Bio: A child lost in forest!! Hi, I am K Prakash Raju, an MBA student at IIT Kanpur. I like writing my personal diary. It helps me reflect on life and learn from my own journey. I am a Space enthusiast, Meditation practitioner, Movie lover, Sport-o-holic, Math-o-philic and ??? well there's just too much. Why don't you just read my diary to know me?:) I like to put few words here to better describe my personality: Shy, Introvert, Depressed, Intelligent, Alone, Creative, Mom's boy, Atheist, Spiritualist, Acid head(:P). Well that's good enough list!

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One thought on “About

  1. Hi. I enjoyed your About page. Have you been to Houston, Tx..and seen the NASA program? Keep writing. Thanks for following my blog! It is encouraging to meet people from around the globe. Take a read of my newest blog – Remove Barriers. Cheers!

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